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The initial shock of the UK voting to leave the European Union has worn off and Brits are more determined than ever to start a new life abroad.

Between 2005 and 2015, 144,000 Brits left the UK for a new life in Spain, according to the latest available figures from the UK’s Office of National Statistics, and figures for the last two years are expected to have risen significantly.

Spain has long been a number one destination for pensioners looking to see out their retirement in sunnier climes and this still remains the case, even as Brexit looms over them. However, thousands of Brits are taking a more cautious approach by seeking professional advice on tax, pensions, visas and healthcare– all of which are important factors to consider if a reciprocal agreement is not reached in Brexit negotiations.

The Expat Insider 2017 survey, by InterNations, questioned over 12,500 expats across 188 countries or territories worldwide, about their life abroad. Spain was ranked as the number one country for Quality of Life, with 26% stating it as main factor behind their move, more than three times the global average (8%).

In fact, Spain has ranked in the top ten Quality of Life Index in the Expat Insider survey for the fourth year running and overall currently stands as the 10th (out of 65) best country for expats to live.  Furthermore, 68% of respondents considered the cost of living in Spain a potential benefit prior to their move and 90% of expats said they were satisfied with their life in Spain.

In contrast, the UK was one of the biggest losers in the Expat Insider 2017 survey, falling down the ranks across all indices, most noticeably in the work and family life categories and currently lags way behind Spain, ranked as the 54th best country for expats…no surprise then that Brits are leaving the gloominess of Brexit behind them and heading to Spain!

Of course, the UK’s ranking could change either way in next year’s survey, after Brexit plans are clearer. But what are unlikely to change are people’s dreams and ambitions to move or own property in Spain – the warmer climate, cheap property and quality of life will always be a major draw for British expats and personally we can see why!